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Wastewater Regulations

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Regulations governing:
The use of septic tanks

If you own, live in, or are building a property off the mains sewage network you need to be aware of this change which is a bid by the Environment Agency to reduce the level of pollution from sewage in the nation’s watercourses. Under the General Binding Rules, anyone with a septic tank discharging into a watercourse must have plans in place to replace it or upgrade the foul water solution within a reasonable timescale, typically 12 months, or sooner if the property is due to be sold.

So, what are your options?

There is a Hierarchy of Foul Control:

  • Connect to a mains sewer - if one is close enough.
  • Install a drainage field - only viable if you have enough suitable land and percolation is suitable.
  • Replace your existing septic tank with a more efficient, modern sewerage treatment plant. Subject to area
  • Install a cesspit. This would be your last option and comes with its own pitfalls and a different impact on the environment.

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